Earn money by writing articles


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Writing articles

If you want to earn money quickly and easily, this is the best way. If you expect higher income must be loaded with great patience, keeping in mind this is not for every one. Anyone can earn money by writing articles in one or another way

Earn money with Shvoong
* Write a summary or a review of any book, article, newspaper, academic paper or website, in up to 900 words (your own words)
* Upload the summary to Shvoong (with the option of linking to the summarized text) and receive lifetime royalties!

In Shvoong the most interesting is that it can be written in many languages! .
You can write reviews of article and other topics and you will receive 10% of profits from online advertising on pages with your posts.
If you write your stuff can translate to other languages and you will receive 5% of profits from online advertising on pages with these translations.
Min. payment - $ 10 via PayPal.

MyLot- simple forum - write it in and earn money.

Here you can post your own discussions or reply to posts. Payment is not specified, but it depends on how detailed and qualitative are your posts. If you are using at least 200 words - double payment.
Once you reach the score 500 (after 500 posts) can upload pictures and discussions, which also MyLot pays for them.
Another way to earn money out there is using their search engine. But not overdo ( ~20 search). When you do enough searches, while opens a window which show the amount that you have earn.
Min. payment - $ 10 via PayPal

One of the most basic ways in which you can earn money online is writing articles

Who wants to earn money online always need well written articles, advertising, etc. When you start writing articles take the job very seriously. Besides money, there are other advantages. One of them is that you can advertise yourself as a writer or your website


But to do this you must write at least 10 articles and comments per day. From writing articles, no one has become rich, but if you are serious you can earn money (some freelancer may take in $ 500 for article). In this business success comes only after people like your work and start to share it.

Tips for writing articles

The title is the most important

When a visitor will read the article first review the title. If the title is not interesting - he will not read the article. Attract the attention of the reader. Use keywords like - new, free, why, how!

The content must be interesting

Earn money writing

Use Bold text for important information in the article, to direct the reader. Do not use many terms and ambiguity - express clearly, accurately, use colloquial language. So the reader understand you. Write articles that are interesting and relevant to attract more readers. Many people will read article if it will take less time.

Write short articles

Direct the reader's attention over the content and meaning of an article, rather than to distract and bore them with diversion. Write articles about 500 words, do not overdo.

Advertise your article
There are different ways to advertise your publications and thus to generate traffic to them to maximize profits. Of course talking about for natural ways (Google, Twitter, Digg, StumbleUpon, Reddit, Delicious, Facebook, blogs, links, etc.). Do not use traffic exchange - you can lose your account !