How to earn money from DropShipping


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Earn money with Drop Shipping!

Drop Shipping is the most common way of selling online in the world. Over 85% of the goods in offline market in the world are sold this way.

Drop Shipping is the way to earn a lots of money, but this and other methods of earning money online has its pros and cons.


ADVANTAGES of Drop Shipping
* Profits from this site are real huge in comparison with other methods ofearning money online.
* You can sell everything from clothes to electronics, or whatever came to your mind. To earn money without having the limitations of affiliate programs or crowded niche of common products on the Internet - is very great.
* You set the price of the goods they offer. You decide how much money to earn from this product, of course within the normal range. You can change the prices when you want. Many people who own Drop Shipping sites work on 200-300% profit.
* Many manufacturers sell product "A" on their site for $ 300. For Drop Shipping website manufacturer will offer it for $ 100. And if you put in your site price $ 200 - customers will choose you and you'll earn money from it!

How to earn money from Drop Shipping

Drop Shipping is an online business model, who is of interest to many people who have decided to earn money online and own websites, mailing lists, etc.

What is DropShipping service?

This is just a service. Service offered by the largest wholesale warehouses in the USA and about 95% of producers of goods in general. What is the service Drop Shipping? This is a service whereby the manufacturer of product "A" packed and sent the goods on your name to your client.

How to start with Drop Shipping ?

Make a website that will offer many goods and products, with which you will earn money. Select products, do serious research, not to find yourself in a crowded market niche. Once you are done with the site, contact with the manufacturers to start offering their goods, service and products. Look for large and trusted names in business, to be sure you really earn money from your site. Earn money from drop shipping

How actually Drop Shipping work ?

Want to offer - cell phones. Connect with one - two or as you like cell phones manufacturers and ask them whether they offer the service Drop Shipping. If offer they will send you a catalog with prices and description of their cell phones. You advertise and promote these cell phones on your site. Cell phone "A" manufacturer has given you drop shipping price $ 80 (this is a drop shipping price. The price of wholesale manufacturer may be $ 70). You create your page specified to sell cell phone and put your price $ 160.

Customer come to this page and buy cell phone for $ 160. You take this $ 160 and sent orders to the manufacturer. He packed cell phone and send it to the customer on your name and you pay to the manufacturer $ 80. And earn $ 80.

DISADVANTAGES of Drop Shipping
* You are responsible to client service. If something goes wrong - you are only responsible.
* Required professional SEO services - more investment
* Required contact with customers (phone, email and etc.)
* Rarely manufacturer has a website and sells goods at a lower price. This limits your ability to earn money. Always do research!
* Need some investments.