How to earn money on FOREX and Stocks


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FOREX and Stock markets

Operations of FOREX and Stock markets are one of the most profitable types of legal business. According to "Forbes", 37% of the world's billionaires have earn their money in the stock market in particular!

FOREX (Foreign Exchange market) is the interbank market for the simultaneous exchange of national currencies of various countries in a particular course.

* What is FOREX and how to trade

Transactions take place through computer terminals that are networked. With the development of information technology and internet in FOREX market are joined small investors, which help to increase speed and reduce the commissions and the narrowing of spreads (spread - the difference between buy and sell bids).

FOREX market is the largest market for money circulation in the world and daily transactions are conducted over 4 trillion USD. FOREX market operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week without interruption. Markets is only closed for weekends and national holidays.

This is because the FOREX trade begins first with market opening in Auckland, New Zealand, followed by Australia and Singapore. Later open in Japan, European countries and finally USA. So every customer traded currencies in FOREX, can immediately react to good or bad news and open or close a position comfortable for him.

If you really wont to learn how to earn money on FOREX market and of course Stock market. You need to know in detail: What is margin trade; With how much of my account balance to trade, which are the best Forex and Stock online trading platforms; What is Forex and Stock indicators - Forex and Stock analysis ( fundamental and technical ; The best Forex systems and strategies!
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After that you will really know - How to earn money online!

How to earn money on FOREX and Stock markets?

Anyone can trade online from home - shares, futures or in FOREX market! This business has been cleared of bureaucratic nonsense and can be made from anywhere


in the world, regardless of country border, the potential for profit is unlimited and depends entirely on how much you are motivated to earn money.

Many sites offer brokerage services for trading in Stock markets, but most are complicated to understand, with complex platforms for trading and it is difficult, if you are not pro in trade you can`t earn money, but some are with simple structure and only need quick review to make you confident and ready to trade in Global Stock Market or FOREX Market.

Some simple tips for a successful tradeearn money on stock market
* Always play with only 50% of the money in your account
* Avoid high-risk stock indexes and currencies
* Trade simply - up / down, in / out, 10% profit!
* Subscribe to all stock analysis offered online
* Watch stock news - don`t miss your chance!!

To earn money trading in the stock market does not require any special skills, but need perseverance and motivation. If you follow some simple tips and limiting your trade, you really can earn money online.

What is the stock market?

Stock market is organized and specific market of stock or stock values. It is the place where at a certain time bringing together bankers, traders and sales makers to make through a stockbrokers trade deals.

In modern conditions stock market in particular is not necessary to bringing together buyers and sellers of financial assets, because they give their orders to brokers usually from a distance. That is why the stock market is defined as an institution ... which is traded stock, foreign means of payment, coins and precious metals,financial option, fixed-term contracts and perform related support operations

Margin trading
"Margin" literally means the difference, reserve. Margin trading is trading on a margin provided by you (amount to a guarantee and is located in your account). Margin is defined as the percentage of the total value of the purchase of shares, currencies, etc.- 1% margin of 2000 an open position is 20 units.

How to trade on margin
Based on margin can be traded shares, currencies and indexes on shares. The basic idea is that you don`t need to have the entire amount in your account to buy 1,000 shares on level $100 per share from some company. If margin is 5%, you need to have $ 5000 in your account. For most Forex and Stock brokers, minimum is 1 share or 1000 units currency.

Margin requirement (margin call) - Requirement made by the broker to the client, to deposit money in his account, so the size of the margin will not fall below the minimum value required by the Forex or Stock broker.

Maintenance margin requirement - the amount which the client must deposit at the broker to fill the margin, if the accumulated losses from the revaluation of open positions are decrease the margin, below the minimum value required by the Forex or Stock broker.