How to earn money with social networking


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Earn money with social networking!

Social networking sites dominate the Network and you spend a lot of time in them. Why not take advantage of this fact and start to earn money from social networking sites! "How to earn money from social networking sites" - We will answer to this question now!!!

How to earn money with Facebook and Twitter

* Everyone who pay attention knows that sites like Facebook and Twitte are great opportunity for earning money online!

If you are not a member of Facebook or Twitter, maybe it's time to join! If you spend most of your time on these social networks, you can quite easily to earn money. Joining is completely FREE and you can publish links from your website, blog or articles that you write. So you will significantly increase your traffic to the website, and this boost your sales.

Facebook is a popular social network, FREE to join. Start with creating an account, then you must create a profile and page that meets your product requirements. To earn money with social networking, you need to create a group of followers that have interests to target content of your site or blog. To earn money from Facebook, you must have at least 1,000 followers and post quality content, you should always publish 4 thematic links and 2 videos a week to keep interest of your followers!

To earn money from Twitter, you must complete the same requirements as for Facebook, or should have similar profiles in both social networks!

The steps that must follow if you want to earn money from Facebook and Twitter are:

- Be sure that your product or site will be of interest to your followers . Make study with survey or direct question like "What do you think about this ...". To know what products or services to offer. Only then will really earn money from Facebook and Twitter.

- Find the right affiliate program. Choose quality products and services to help you to earn money, because nobody wants poor quality products and services. To choose the right affiliate program visiting - Affiliate Programs

- After you create your group of followers, make contact with them. They must trust you to buy your product and therefore you can earn money. The more friends you have, and they trust you, the more they read your posts. The more they read, the more opinions, and of course the more money you make.

Create a profile on Facebook and Twitter
Sign up in trusted affiliate programs
Collect friends and fans - best to use
Share an article + 2 comments a day
Contact your followers and send them a affiliate link every two days
With this simple formula you will earn money online and lots of it!

How to earn money with social networking. Ways to earn money.

Many social networks are changing and begin to pay their members to generate more social contacts. So members are motivated to earn money online and they doubled the traffic to social network. If before it was unusual, it has now become quite common, as social networking sites are multiplying rapidly. To beat the competition and gaining more users, some of these new social networking sites or social networks have created a marketing strategy that allows them to offer a share of their income to their users or to pay for increasing social activity of the users. Also, users spend more time on social network because they earn money. The new social site gets more and more members and its members earn money with social networking.


If you want to know how to earn money from social networks sites. Here you will find the most common ways to earn money with social networking.

Ways to earn money with socEarn money with social networkingial networking

learn how to earn money online from social networks sites:

The Social Network:
- Pay you for creating new account
- Pay you to create a blog, writing comments, uploading video, video comments
- Collect points for your Social activity, in social network and after a specified amount,
point is converted into money.
- Get money for business activity in the social network
- Recruiting followers, etc.

One of the best formula for earning money with social networking is the exchange of followers! Exchange type website is - with this site, you increase your presence in social networks and it is completely free, everything becomes just the exchanges between friends, but when you grow your social presence you will start to earn money: Facebook friends, Pinterest (follows + Repin + Like), Stumbleupon, Google Plus (follows + circle), Twitter followers, Digg followers, Digg votes, Google +1 votes, promotion on Linkedin and Twitter, Youtube, Ad Promotion. In addition: you collect friends for your social networks profiles and makes them many more!!!

Creating a detailed profile in the social networks

With the increasing number of social networks on the Internet, you can take advantage and earn money with social networking. No matter if you just having fun, you can spend 5-10 minutes and earn money for a small advertising in the social network. So you can advertise your site or profile, because people tend to be less cautious when a familiar face offering them a product or service. This is a very simple way to earn money with social networking.

Establishment of a representative profile

Larger social networks allow you to create your own profile or fan page. You have to imagine that your profile and fan page is your business card. The goal here is to create a profile that describes the most important features of your business or product you offer. Your photo must be high quality and with size 200x600 pixels, possibly in full body size. In addition at the top or bottom of your picture you can add a company logo. If it is only logo, it should be again 200x600 pixels. Write advance qualitative description in "About" and especially share information about your business and experience, also for the benefits that followers receive, if start working with your company.

Always keep updated content list of products and services. All content on your site or blog should appear on your profile page. If you win the trust of your followers, you will really earn money online!