Earn money with your blog


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Earn money blogging

Earning money online has become the main business for many people, but before this to become the main business, everybody is start from somewhere. The easiest way to earn money online is by creating a blog and then to start earn money blogging!

Earn money blogging

Once the blog and blog content are ready you need to think about how to earn money from it. To earn money you need to choose a good affiliate program ( list in Earn money with your website ). Always select the affiliate program that corresponds to the content of the blog, register at most two to three programs, post 2-3 articles a month describing the products available in your blog.

* Start to earn money online

If you do this you will surely start to earn money with your blog. If you choose Google Adsense to your blog monetization you need to have at least 2,000 unique visitors per day to earn money, but if you have less you will earn $ 1.50 - $ 3.00 from 30 to 50 clicks a day because conversation may be from 1.75% - 5.30% for this type of blog.

Once you have chosen affiliate programs, it's time to put your advertising links and banners. Always choose position that are close to the header and content. Advertising links with descriptions are preferred by visitors than image banners. Try not to saturate articles with many affiliate links and banners. Try the main content to remain clean.

And finally, if you are not happy and earn less than expected, you can always sell your blog! Once it is done and have some revenue and traffic, you can usually sell it for ten times its monthly revenue. Then you can start all over again with a new blog and a new theme!

Now see that creating a blog, and then turn it into a profitable business is not that complicated. This is! Now start earn money online!

Earn money with your blog

The best way to earn money online is through a blog.Creating a blog is very easy, you can choose
from existing blogging platforms or to buy a domain and make a blog with Wordpress. To make a blog
you do not need any initial investment, but in contrast, you can build a large network of loyal
readers and over time, once you know how to monetize your blog, you can earn a lot of money that
income will remain even if you do not update your blog. That's why many people turn to this way of
earning money online!


How to create a blog and earn money from it

You can use free platforms like peoplelike.net and Blogger, where after you make your blog you are
free to gather followers and post your ads. Unlike Blogger in peoplelike.net, your banners and
links are displayed not only in your blog, but in the general blogs, but also in the blogs of your
followers. This means that in every published article and link your ad are displayed, regardless of
where they are published. Another easy way to create a blog and earn money from it is by buying
a domain and using a blog platform such as Wordpress.

If you really want to earn money with your blog, you need to have full control over its content. Do
not choose a theme that is prohibited by blog platforms or illegal. Always choose blogging
platforms that allow more freedom of publication.

Creating a blog and buying a domain and hosting will cost you no more than $ 100, but the profits
from your blog will far outweigh the costs.

Once you are done with choosing a blog platform, you should think of what topic will be blog.
Always choose a topic that is interesting and will attract many followers. Do not choose topics for
which much has been written and competition is fierce.

E-mail-marketingBut the most important question is what will be the blog topic and how will earn money from it, since the whole world is your audience. Some people choose blog about their lives in general, others blog about their work, blog about their hobbies, blog about parenting, blog about shiny
world of celebrity. Whatever theme you choose for your blog should always be something you are passionate about, and if not then at least you have to be an expert on this theme. Remember that you should write about this topic several times a week, you need enthusiasm, and people will read your blog with enthusiasm too.

Assuming that your blog has been created. Now you need to start writing articles and post them on your blog. Try the length of posts to be 400 to 500 words and to have a lot of useful information in it. Always place popular articles on the homepage, because keep readers on the blog. If your articles are well-written without spelling errors and are interesting then you will get a large number of loyal readers. Once you post on regular basis than need to consider how to attract more readers and keep them on the blog. If you want to earn money.

A very good way to do this is through social networks and online forums. Make a page on Facebook, an account in Twitter, Google, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc .. Share your articles anywhere in the network to gain popularity, with more traffic you can earn money from your blog.