Earn money from advertising


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Earn money from advertising

If you have a website, why not consider the possibility to add ads on your site. Each site( with any content) can earn money from advertising. It is perfectly legitimate, you can earn money and is super easy!

Online ads to be seen more easily by users, increases significantly if you put ads highest in the site. When you put advertising boxes lower on the site their value falls. Except here makes ad slot at the end of main content. Banner or text ads must be in the central part of the site.

* Advertising Tips

Text or graphic? Which ad would cause more interest, more clicks, TEXT. Showing 5-10 text ads increases the chance of online users may be interested in any of them. The speed of loading. Text ads load significantly faster, and if you have a site with many visitors will see the difference.

Yahoo closed its program of Yahoo Publisher Network (YPN) - similar to Google AdSense.

The company said the change for the moment the platform of self-influence of small publishers based on contextual listings to receive their commission from all sales made after clicking on ads on publishers site. The service is still in beta stage.

Yahoo said after the review: "We've determined that funds would be needed for the program to progress expected by our publishers will be better used in other areas of our business."

Decision does not affect Yahoo Content Match ads that will continue to be displayed in the sites of some of the biggest partners of Yahoo. Do not count to YPN.

Earn Money from Advertising

How to earn money from advertising?

If you own a website and are wondering whether the time has come to begin to earn money from your site, you must have a sufficient number of visits per day.


Impression and clicks

Otherwise it can be interpreted as the number of people who have visited your site and have seen the ad. Advertising on the Internet is in the form of text or graphic banner. Given that the main purpose of the banner is to attract attention, image ads are more often used. Advertising is sold in units known as CPT (cost per thousand) or CPC (cost per click).

Ad impressions is imperfect way of buying. In recent years, impressions begin to lose their popularity and were replaced by the actual number of clicks on the banner. While the impression is simply the number that your ad was seen in the best case of a potential customer, click is the real action. This is a much more secure way to buy advertising with much more reliable information.

click Ratio - impression is between 0.02 to 0.05 / 1000. The cost per 1000 impressions is between $ 1 - $ 30 depending of the site. Click is between $ 0.03 - 5.00!

How to earn money with AdSense?

Google Adsense is an advertising program of Google, which allows owners of websites to earn money by showing ads on their pages of various advertisers.

* Ads with design. Put ads in key position, place them in the content of your site (blog) - or between the content and side panel or the content, or above it. Always use colors from your site as a palette for your ads.

* Bring more visitors. Always more visitors means more money. Share links to other sites, put your link in your signature on forums, pay for advertising, traffic exchange.. How, you just need time and desire.

* Targeted visitors. Visitors that visit your site because it is interested and have useful content in it. Not because someone brought them with a false link. Targeted visitors are much more likely to click on ads.

* Keep track of successes. Which article brings more traffic and money? Create more of its type. Let people see more of the content. And you will see more money.

Advice - Do not cheat Google. Instead of getting your friends to click on your ads - do so the visitors click themselves on your ads. Be honest, and concentrate your WORK over SEO on your site.

How to earn money with Bidvertiser!

Bidvertiser is a free advertising network that does not have so many advertisers as the network of Google Adsense, but pay more per click. Bidvertiser will work for you if you have a small site with not too much traffic. They are not as picky as Google Adsense, but a real alternative to AdSense. One of the things that attracts Bidvertiser is that - min. payout $ 10 - directly into your PayPal account! With Google Adsense, you have to wait to get $ 100 and then they send money to you. Another great thing about Bidvertiser, is that you can choose what ads to display on your site. You can create a Bidvertiser account to only show ads that pay over $ 1. For Bidvertiser is not a problem if you show your site in traffic generators.

How to earn money with Clicksor
Clicksor advertising program is like Google AdSense. Allows publishers to display Clicksor advertisements, that relates to their website content.
Min. payout - $50 via PayPal.